Kogan camera 12MP 1080p, Suitable For Sports [Full Specifications]


Kogan camera 12MP 1080p, Suitable For Sports – This little camera is suitable for extreme sports┬ábecause the camera is in use friendly design. so you do not have to bother holding a camera. Even so the image quality the camera is very nice though with a very affordable price.

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cogan camera

This camera has a shape that is small and light, and therefore very suitable for extreme sports activities. The camera can also be used on land and in the water (if using gloves water). With a resolution of 12MP camera plus video resolution up to 1080p, Kogan camera is able to capture the images are very clear. Powered by a touch screen feature allows the user to operate. For the problem of storage, this camera is supported with support for up to 64GB of internal memory and you can also carry this camera in water depths up to 30 meters

Specifications Kogan Camera

Price $0.03
Color White
Screen Size 2.0
Size (L x W x H cm) 20 x 10 x 10
Product Warranty 3 months warranty, does not apply to the battery and discharging the water
Weight (kg) 1

I highly recommend this camera for those who want to capture the beautiful moments when you’re doing an extreme activity without troublesome to operate a camera.

Thus a brief review of the Kogan camera 12MP 1080p, Suitable For Sports, hopefully, useful

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