2 feature is deleted from Nikon D3400


2 feature is deleted from Nikon D3400 – D3400 Nikon is the next generation of Nikon d3300. Many features are added to the Nikon D3400 is, but you know what? the Nikon D3400 has two features that can not be compared with Nikon d3300

nikon d3400

source image: flickr.com

1. Features Sensor Ultrasonic Cleaning
This feature is a feature found on the camera Nikon d3300, which does not exist in the Nikon D3400. This function serves to assist the process of cleaning the sensor in the camera if the camera sensor is dirty with dust or mildew.

2. External Mic Ports
The second feature that is removed is the absence of an external mic port. So Nikon D3400 You can not add an external mic, so only rely on built-in camera mic only.
I think personally, this camera is less suitable for vlogging.

The second feature is available in Nikon d3300 and Nikon D3400 does not exist. So, after reading a bit of this review, the camera would you choose? Notify me via the comments below!
Hopefully, this brief article helps.

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